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For Ladies Only!

Douche it Baby!

Believe it or not, a douche is a great way to get medicine into you. The top remedy I recommend using for a yeast infection is Yeast Ease in the apple cider vinegar base.
Please be careful. It is not the herbs, salt, hydrogen peroxide, or Jernigan Nutraceutical products that I am worried about, it is you over doing it and putting too much inside, so your tender tissues get hurt and will need time to mend. I like the following article because many women are afraid to douche. I believe this article helps with overcoming that fear.

What is Douching?


A douche is a small device, which introduces a stream of water into a body cavity that needs to be cleaned. In French, “douche” translates to bathe, soak or to clean out. When we use the word “douching,” we generally mean rinsing out or washing the vagina with water and a mixture of other fluids.

Several women use a vaginal douche quite often, because they believe it is hygienic. Studies indicate that about 25% to 40% of women in America, between the ages of 15 and 44, douche on a regular basis. Among these, over half of them douche as often as once a week. Most of them claim that a douche –

  • Gets rid of impurities and bacteria from the vagina
  • Rinses away the remnant blood after a menstrual cycle
  • Eliminates any odor

The following are suggestions to help your body heal by getting medicine into an area that will be easily absorbed.

  • Steep Teas, with white oak bark, Pau D’Arco, thyme, calendula, golden seal, chamomile, or myrrh. Choose one herb and use about a tablespoon or less in 2cups of water. Make sure it is warm to touch. Do not put boiling or hot water inside of you. OUCH!
  • Sea Salt use about 4tsp in 2 cups of  warm water
  • Apple cider vinegar. Use about 1tsp in 2 cups of warm water.
  • 1 Tbsp of hydrogen peroxide in 2 cups of warm water
  • You can use any of the Jernigan Nutraceuticals products and put about 60 drops in 2 cups of warm water. Again, this is a perfect way to get our remedies inside of you to help your body heal. But since our tinctures are “pricey” I would prefer you try these others ways and use our products once a week.

White Oak Bark: As an antiseptic, white oak can control infections inside and outside the body due again to the action of the tannins. These bind with proteins in the tissues of the body and thus keep out harmful bacteria. Bladder infections, venereal diseases, vaginal infections and dysentery have been known to improve with the use of white oak in the form of a tincture or tea, as well as in capsules of the powdered bark. On the surface of the body, skin infections may be helped by adding the bark to bath water or by applying an infusion or extract to the problem area.


Pau D’Arco : Researchers have observed activity of pau d’arco against candida. [9] Pau d’arco may provide relief for vaginitis, which is caused by candida, by way of therapeutic douching. [10]This was substantiated by researchers in Spain and Brazil who reported observing a similar toxicity to fungi and yeasts. [11] [12]


Need more info? Here is another good article:


Thyme: Today thyme is a popular, great-tasting spice commonly used in cooking.  But, it also has many medicinal properties with a long history of use.  This herb is very useful for treating conditions of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and genito-urinary systems.  It combines the actions of being a good antimicrobial and antiseptic herb with decreasing spasms and helping with expectoration to treat irritating coughs, pertussis, croup, asthma and lung congestion and infections. The antimicrobial and antispasmodic actions also treat many digestive complaints while it also helps to restore the normal balance of flora (the “good” bacteria) in the gut.  It has also been used to treat urinary tract infections and vaginal infections.


Calendula:  A good remedy for inflamed mucous membranes and vaginal tissue can get

Calendula Flower

Calendula Flower

very infected if the acidic balance is not maintained.


Golden Seal: stomachache, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, and ulcers; colds and flu; vaginal irritation; earaches; …


In this article it gives another recipe for a douche

Chamomile: has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-pruritic, anti-parasitic, antihistamine, analgesic, diaphoretic, nervine, vasodilatory, antimutagenic, anxiolytic, and sedative properties. Make sure you read this article!


For blocked Fallopian tubes, I would try this system first: http://biotanicalhealth.com/products/chamomile-cleanse/

Myrrh: Myrrh is one of the most important herbs mentioned in the bible. Myrrh was one of the three gifts given to the baby Jesus by the wise men. …Why was Myrrh given as a gift? Why was it used in the burial process for Jesus and other Jews? Learn about the history and healing properties of this potent medicinal herb, Myrrh.

Again, another great article..check it out.


Apple Cider Vinegar: For over a thousand years, vinegar has been used for a multitude  of reasons; as healing elixir for numerous ailment like fever, cough and colds, as antibiotic, natural detox cleansing agent, energizing drink, as preservative and condiment, antiseptic-disinfectant in cleansing wounds and instruments, for polishing armors, and even as a deodorant.


Hydrogen Peroxide: Water is 2 atom of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen (H2O), bonding together forming one molecule of water. Hydrogen Peroxide is (H2O2), water plus one extra atom of oxygen. When Hydrogen Peroxide come in contact with germs and bacteria, that extra atom of oxygen bonds with germs and bacteria, thus oxidizing them on contact, destroying them without any harm, or side effects.

This is a good article for a recipe for a douche


Sea Salt: Seawater is where all life originates. Our bodies contain the same concentrations of minerals and nutrients as the sea, and natural sea salt stabilizes the natural balance inside of us. Sea salt stabilizes blood pressure, balances sugar levels in the blood, improves nerve cell “communication” and information processing, aids in the absorption of nutrients, prevents muscle cramping, and gets rid of sinus congestion – to name a few…..Sea salts draw impurities from the innermost layers of the skin, detoxifying and cleansing all at once.


Again, thinking outside the box, with a rebel mentality, this is a good place to get rid of toxins, to insert some medical power into you. But do not over do this one. Once or twice a week, is good, but if you do have yeast discharge, doing it every day until you “dry” up is acceptable.

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