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As I read the many articles on this subject, it always gets overwhelming from all the ways to get your body alkaline. As you start to pay attention to your body, you will begin to feel what makes you feel bad when you eat it and what makes you feel good when you eat it. In the mean time, though, as you are paying attention to what you are eating, take 1/2 tsp.of baking soda in a glass of water and drink at least one glass a day. I have found that I have to lay everything out or make a post-it note to remind me to do this simple technique. My brain is usually running so fast, that I need reminders or items laid out on the cabinet so all I have to do it just pick it up and do it.

Most everyone is acidic, but you can buy litmus paper for a urine test or a saliva test, at any pharmacy to check your acid levels first thing in the morning.

You can google the side affects of being too acidic besides having yeast infection, but just think of it causing corrosion in your organs and in your joints. By the time you get to be 60, will you be standing up straight and riding bikes? Or will you be in and out of the doctor’s office? Keep it simple, just take 1/2 tsp of baking soda in your water once a day.