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I am Dr. Sara Jernigan, BS, DC and woman with 4 children. I am a chiropractor that specializes in biological medicine. For over the last 17 years, I have made some of the greatest Anti-Yeast products. But no one knows about them because God put us on the path of Lyme Disease. Believe me ladies and men, be thankful if all you have is Yeast Infection. But as I look at what is out there for Yeast, I become more and more fond of our remedy. Yeast infections are really a blessing. They are telling you that your WHOLE body is out of balance. When your WHOLE body is out of balance, and you do nothing about it but take drugs to cover it up then you are setting yourself for SERIOUS ILLNESSES. I do not know about you, but I want to be dancing and playing until I die. Have you visited a nursing home lately? Getting in control of the Yeast infection will put you on the right path of a long and healthy vibrant life.

To start, you can ease the symptoms by taking 4 of our products from Jernigan Nutraceutical. They deal with the cause of the infection, from molds, yeast, fungus, parasites and toxic die-off. I good douche is always in order. Right now to get that information it is in my FREE Dr. Sara’s Foundational Lyme Protocol (go to www.jnutra.com and click on “Downloads” and click on the FREE protocol page 34. So many good douche ideas that help with the inflamed tissues and help kill the yeast and other bacteria. For more information, Go to http://www.drsarajernigan.com